Sydel, the Southern Serpent

The starting city, otherwise known as the Southern Serpent. It is said that Sydel is one of the first official settlement that rose from the ashes of the Serpent’s War. The city is nestled in the remains of a giant fallen beast, it’s rib cave sheltering portions of the city from the sweltering sun. The number of inhabitants was initially in the early hundreds, comprised mostly of soldiers, but that number grew steadily as more survivors fled southward along the bay. Eventually the outpost became a haven, and through the use of scouts, managed to spread the word that any and all would be safe there. A half-truth, but still they came in droves.

As the decades passed, an official guard was established to protect these refugees from the monsters that threatened them. Now with a dedicated defense force, and later the addition of walls constructed around the city proper, people slowly began to realize that the civilization they once knew could be rebuilt. Instead of working the land or manning the perimeter, artisans could finally return to their crafts, and through their children, preserve those skills for the generations to come.

That was two hundred years ago. In your time, Sydel has since gained a reputation for being the place to go to get what you want. Its central position as an outpost has cemented its status as a trading hub for merchants, as well an ideal place to find work, mercenary or otherwise. That said, society on the whole is still trying to find its footing; business is largely unregulated, and a severe disparity of wealth exists between the city’s inhabitants as a result. Various guilds and organizations are on the rise, granted, but many of them are in their infancy, and currently do more to service a select few than promote the greater good.

Official Leadership – None
Prominent Factions – Sydel Guard, Merchant’s Guild, Clergy of Stone, Sell-Sword Syndicate

Sydel, the Southern Serpent

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